Consulting expertise

3 phases process.


A thorough analysis of the current business situation and market position, to evaluate its solidity for potential expansion with changes including: analysis of current structure (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), management organization, HR, production cycles, Health & Safety, internal audit.



The required improvements were identified, and their implementation is under way, including: structure analysis of change, management reorganization, production cycles, HR, Health & Safety, Follow-Up Internal Audit.



The expansion starts and the company adjusts to changes and new dynamics: teamwork and training are needed to solidify the company culture during the transformation.

Consultants specialized in the Millennials culture

The integration of the “Millennial Generation” into your work force requires a progressive modification, and includes new company values, such as: work ethics, environmental concerns, openness of interactions, creative ideas, teamwork initiatives, and shared knowledge.

Conflict resolution

Our specialists assist you in building strong teams to move forward, including: strengthening existing team with changes due to post-merger & acquisition changes, expansion process with local or global teams, cross-cultural integration, and possible linguistic barriers.

Coaching in English

Allow your professional employees to reach desired levels of proficiency in English, enabling them to make presentations and answer questions without hesitation. This service is geared at professionals in need of practice, from a phone conversation to an on-stage debate, Questions & Answers sessions, conference calls, etc.


We have a team of certified Lead Auditors for ISO 9001 & Corporate Social Responsibility (SMETA, BSCI, PSCI, SA8000, ICS, etc.) working for various Certification Bodies.

Pre-audit coaching and expertise aims at going through the steps needed to successfully pass an audit, should it be required by a client, market competition or company willingness to become certified. Post-audit services include assistance with corrective actions.

CSR Company International

As of January 2018, IMAGO represents the Austrian company CSR Company International on the Spanish market, the Baleares and Canary Islands. This collaboration will allow the training, auditing and consulting for clients from over 40 countries now represented by CSR Company around the world. For more information please visit:

Paz Escolar

Under the umbrella of IMAGO is Paz Escolar, an education program geared at students aged 4 to 12 who will learn the techniques of negotiations through games and educational activities. This program was piloted in Lima, Peru in 2011 in collaboration with CEDRO. It is currently implemented in urban and rural elementary schools throughout the country, and used by community educators to teach the techniques to children, young adults and parents. Contact us for further information