Marie-Noëlle Crabbé

My name is Marie-Noëlle Crabbé, founder of IMAGO International, which I created in Barcelona a few years ago. The name imago comes from nature: its entomology means a butterfly’s final stage of development.

The analogy is used here because my goal is to help individuals willing to expand their social and negotiation skills.

I graduated from Harvard University with a master’s degree in educational psychology and practiced as a trilingual therapist (English, French and Spanish) for several years. The acquisition of conflict resolution techniques allowed me to expand my work to the corporate and humanitarian sectors, where I assisted CEOs and general managers in their search for better return on investment while keeping a balanced business.

In 2014, I was trained and certified as ISO 9001 & CSR Lead Auditor. For almost two years, audits took me throughout the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean, where I audited various industries for ISO 9001 & CSR certifications.
End 2015, I returned to Europe to join a certification body as project manager in Barcelona in change of the expansion of the corporate social responsibility department. This teamwork ended and I pursued my work as an independent auditor, collaborating with various certification bodies throughout Europe to perform ISO & CSR audits.

In 2020, at the start of the COVID 19 pandemic, I wrote Journal of a social auditor¹ which tales some of my auditing experiences in different industries throughout western Europe. The book is an introduction to social skills required in the auditing business and includes a toolbox of golden rules, social skills and negotiation tools that helped me succeed in this business. 
To know more about the book, click here.

An avid photographer, I include my photographs in Journal of a social auditor this webpage, my newsletters and articles. It is specified when other artists’ photos are used.

¹ The book is available online at Amazon and Apple Store.

Madelyn Montilla

Madelyn has always had a particular interest, sensitivity, and curiosity for the arts, communication, traveling, and foreign languages. Originally from the Dominican Republic, this interest leads her to study abroad on multiple occasions.

In 2008, she was the happy recipient of a scholarship at Western Michigan University in Michigan in the US. She graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts and dual minors in French and communication. During her bachelor’s degree, she pursued a semester of study abroad in Besançon, France, where she had the opportunity of improving her French while fully immersed in the French language, culture, and lifestyle.

After that experience, Madelyn’s desire to return to France to pursue her graduate studies was born. She moved to Strasbourg, France, in 2015 to complete the multimedia and web communications CAWEB Master’s program specialized in Languages, Translation, Multilingual Web Design, Localization, and Content Management at the University of Strasbourg.

In 2017, with her diploma in hand, Madelyn decides to become an independent micro-entrepreneur in Strasbourg. She helps her clients with their digital communication needs, ranging from web and social media content creation and management to digital marketing in Europe and North America.

Webinars will soon introduce one skill at a time to help develop awareness on how to use social skills and adapt them to your context in the most efficient way.

Webinars will be available online in French, English and Spanish.


We generally grasp the meaning of a skill but often lack the practice to use it adequately.


Based on Journal of a social auditor, psychosocial skills and conflict resolution techniques are presented and illustrated with examples to provide guidance and easy-to-apply tools.