IMAGO.AUDITING builds a bridge among auditors and auditees around the world with the mission to offer a global and multilingual platform for exchanges among people willing to improve psychosocial and conflict-resolution skills.

After five years on the road, the pandemic stopped my busy schedule and gave me ample time to explore ways at building a link among auditors and auditees around the world. After describing the content of this new webpage, I share some of my successes and failures.

What is the relation between IMAGO.AUDITING and the photograph?

This photo was taken in Gourdon, a small village overlooking a stunning valley north of Cannes, off the French Riviera. This glider came across the landscape and I watched it fly towards the valley. The driver put his/her knowledge into practice to enjoy this stunning moment, confident enough to have a flight companion: knowledge allowed the planning of the endeavor, and the process to reach this moment is conceptualized here in three steps.
First, a student learning to fly must acquire the theory and apply it with a teacher. Then, the newly certified glider catches experience through the exercise of the sport. Finally, theory and practice work well together and the person is confident enough to become a teacher. If you look closely at the photograph, you can see two helmets: this photograph represents the three steps described above, and can be a reminder that any new learned process requires practice.
IMAGO.AUDITING offers a platform for the effective application of psychosocial and conflict resolution skills that are not acquired during auditing technical trainings. Here is how this project started…

First came the idea of writing a book about my auditing experience and Journal of a social auditor kept me busy for several months during the 2020 confinement. It is a tale of audits from which lessons learned emanated and I built a toolbox useful for any auditor or professional involved in audits. The book is now available in English and French on Amazon and Apple Store; it will be available in Spanish in Spring 2021.

Then, based on Journal of a social auditor, ideas of articles and webinars emerged, addressing issues arising in this field of work, with a focus on psychosocial skills and conflict resolution techniques that are seldom addressed during training programs. Imagoblog is the platform that allows exchanges about auditing experiences.


Facing setbacks or rejection during an audit is an experience that all auditors have gone through. The art is in the auditor’s behavior because s/he may prevent complications during the presence onsite. Whether you are experienced or starting an auditing career, solutions are suggested throughout my articles and webinars. Auditors usually work as a team of one and certification bodies seldom have group discussions regarding difficult audits.

IMAGO.AUDITING introduces approaches to deal with questionable behaviors and prevent difficult interactions.

Why trust me?

With extensive experience as a multilingual therapist and five years of auditing work in three continents, I learned to use social skills, sometimes the hard way.

My education and background in multi-cultural settings offered an awareness which is shared through articles and webinars, offering tools and solutions to professionals willing to expand their psychosocial and negotiation skills.

IMAGO.AUDITING offers different perspectives whether you face difficult contexts or behaviors.

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Introducing Journal of a social auditor

I received ample technical training to be able to practice: yet few included social skills indispensable to become a successful auditor.

Journal of a social auditor  addresses these ‘implicit’ core values. My knowledge about human behavior was acquired through practice on the road and real-life examples describe unusual situations, to understand behaviors and how to deal with unexpected situations.

Social responsibility and ethics have progressively shifted the corporate focus on human capital. Important changes took place in the last decade, modifying employment conditions. Auditors adjust by mastering demanding technical situations with little or no attention given to delicate human contexts.

Journal of a social auditor and IMAGO.AUDITING offer a communication channel for auditors and auditees around the globe.

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Introducing Imago Webinars

Convert your knowledge into social skills.

Each webinar introduces one psychosocial skill with tips and guidance, illustrated by live examples. Negotiation techniques are included when needed. The benefit of the webinars is the easy-to-grasp skills that help deal with complex situations: knowledge and practice improve self-satisfaction and work quality. Each webinar introduces one psychosocial skill with tips on how to use it.

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Introducing Imagoblog

Imagoblog assists auditors with their questions: often working as a team of one, we auditors seldom share experiences and seldom receive feedback and support from others.

Imagoblog is a channel without borders for exchanges among auditors and professionals around the world, where ideas and experiences are shared to expand knowledge among cultures.

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Paz Escolar

This program is not related to auditing. However, it is related to conflict resolution and its description is included on the website because of its relevance.

Paz Escolar is the translation and adaptation of an American educational program called “Connected and Respected” created by Educators for Social Responsibility based in Cambridge, USA. In 2011, I was granted the rights to translate the program into Spanish and the project was carried out with a group of students from an interpretation school in Mendoza, Argentina. The pilot program was carried out in three elementary schools of Lima, Peru in collaboration with CEDRO (www.cedro.org).

Paz Escolar teaches negotiation techniques through games and educational activities to children ages four to twelve years of age. It is implemented in rural and urban elementary schools throughout Peru. Let me know if you have questions regarding Paz Escolar: my belief is that children growing up in Spanish-speaking countries can all benefit from this knowledgeable and well-structured program, whether they live in conflictive areas or not. Don’t hesitate to contact me!

Thank you!

This concludes the introduction of IMAGO.AUDITING and its new website www.imago-int.eu. Stay connected and receive upcoming newsletters with updates on articles, the blog and webinars. Subscribe at info@imago-int.eu.


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