Why trust me?

With extensive experience as a multilingual therapist and five years of auditing work in three continents, I learned to use social skills, sometimes the hard way. My education and background in multi-cultural settings offered an awareness that has been useful and which is shared here to offer tools and solutions to professionals willing to expand their social skills and negotiation skills.

What is this blog about?

Imagoblog is a channel without borders facilitating exchanges among auditors and professionals around the world, where ideas and experiences are shared to expand knowledge among cultures. Subjects discussed in the blog include concerns around the pandemic and issues that arise at work. Imagoblog aim is to assist auditors often working as a team of one, who seldom share experiences and therefore, seldom receive feedback and support from others.

The ‘S’ in ESG: a social impact

This book is an introduction to ESG, with the ‘S’ as its focal point. Environmental and governance criteria are briefly...


Convert your knowledge into social skills

Each webinar introduces one psychosocial skill with tips and guidance, illustrated by live examples. Negotiation techniques are included, emerging from Journal of a social auditor.

Who is interested by the webinars?

Auditors and auditees willing to expand their psychosocial skills and conflict resolution techniques.

How to use the webinars?

These webinars are an opportunity for personal and professional growth and guidance is provided to assist the user: the prerequisite is the will to invest time to practice new techniques.

What is the benefit of the webinars?

The webinars offer easy-to-grasp skills that help deal with complex situations: knowledge and practice improve self-satisfaction and work quality. Each webinar introduces one psychosocial skill with tips on how to use it.

What is the connection between Imagoblog & Journal of a social auditor?

You do not need to read Journal of a social auditor to follow the webinars or post your opinion on the blog. However, examples used to illustrate the webinars may come from the book. If you wish to become an auditor or just improve your social skills: download the book from Amazon or Apple Store.


You suggest a topic which I analyze to find preventive measures. If you have a particularly frustrating experience you wish to share, email the question in context with less than 200 words to:

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